Charles Gutjahr

Melbourne, Australia


26 May 2019 — a 1 minute read on opinion

The big Chinese tech company Huawei has been banned or shut out by several Western governments recently, but it's not clear why. I figure it's either:

  • reasonable, based secret intelligence about Huawei, or
  • an overreaction, based on nothing substantial

Either one of those is foolish.

If there is secret intelligence showing a real danger to using Huawei equipment, then the responsible thing to do is warn everyone and allow the industry to avoid and mitigate the risks.

But if there isn't such intelligence and this is an overreaction, then we piss off China unnecessarily, pay more for phones though the lack of competition, and risk splitting the world into two incompatible sets of technology.

I feel like our governments are picking a fight that is going to harm us all without even telling us why.

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