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Aren't all corporate gifts actually bribes?

2014-04-16T21:00:00+1000 — a 2 minute read on marketing

Barry O'Farrell, Premier of New South Wales, announced today that he will resign due to accepting an expensive bottle of wine as a gift and failing to tell yesterday's ICAC hearing about it. I make no judgement on him, but it did make me wonder why…

Death and the inadvertent advertisement

2011-08-18T12:00:00+1100 — a 1 minute read on marketing

Two men were shot and killed today at CBD Smash Repairs in Florence Street, Brunswick, according to The Age and other media. It’s a horrible story, and not something anyone would make light of. So it is unfortunate that the initial article…

The Real Estate Agents Who Cried Wolf

2011-01-23T11:11:12+1100 — a 2 minute read on marketing

Someone slipped a note under my door last week. It was a handwritten note in blue ink from a local real estate agent. Someone wants to buy my house! The note says: I believe I have a buyer for your property If you are interested in selling please…

What Pope Joan could teach the Harvard Business Review

2010-07-18T23:23:30+1000 — a 6 minute read on marketing

A few days ago I opened my letterbox to find two items. One was a postcard promoting a new local cafe called Pope Joan, the other was a letter promoting the Harvard Business Review. I rather liked the Pope Joan postcard, it's an example of a good…